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UTM Philosophy offers undergraduate studies and has undergraduate counterparts at the other University of Toronto campuses: the Faculty of Arts & Science (A&S) Philosophy (housed on the St. George campus), and the newly-formed UTSC Department of Philosophy.

As an undergraduate department, UTM Philosophy offers four different programs:

  • Major in Philosophy
  • Specialist in Philosophy
  • Minor in Philosophy
  • Minor in Philosophy of Science

The tenured and tenure-stream faculty members of UTM Philosophy, together with their A&S and UTSC counterparts and cross-appointments from other University units, constitute the Graduate Department of Philosophy at the University of Toronto.

Professor Gurpreet Rattan lectures at UTM.

Professor Gurpreet Rattan, specialist in philosophy of language and philosophy of mind, lectures at UTM.

Since its inception (and before), UTM Philosophy has been deeply and inextricably intertwined with Graduate Philosophy at U of T. The partial identification of the members of UTM Philosophy with the graduate program enriches the experience of both the undergraduate students and the faculty in UTM Philosophy and gives UTM students access to one of the largest, most philosophically comprehensive, and top-ranked philosophy departments in the world.