UTSC Courses

Fall 2018 – Winter 2019 UTSC Courses

Please navigate the links below for detailed course descriptions by semester. Current scheduling information can be found on the UTSC course timetable. The timetable changes, so please check it regularly for updates.

Start time and year of study

You can check the UTSC Registrar website’s dates and deadlines section to find out when you will be eligible to enrol in courses on ACORN. You will also find the date when you can view your start time on ACORN, as well as the time at which you may begin adding courses on your designated course enrolment date. Your year of study is based on the number of credits you have obtained, not by the number of years you have attended (course selection dates will be listed by year of study).

  • 1st Year = 3.5 credits or fewer
  • 2nd Year = 4.0 – 8.5 credits
  • 3rd Year = 9.0 – 13.5 credits
  • 4th Year = 14.0 + credits

Choosing and enrolling in courses

Visit the UTSC Registrar’s website for a complete guide on choosing and enrolling in your courses, including instructions on accessing the course timetable, using waitlists, credits, switching courses, and more.