Ron Aboodi



Postdoctoral Fellow


St. George,


Ron completed his PhD studies in the Department of Philosophy and the Federmann Center for the Study of Rationality at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In recent years he has been working mostly in the areas of ethics, moral psychology, the philosophy of action, and decision theory. Most of his work relates to the pursuit of good choices under normative uncertainty. We all try to make good choices. But quite often, in the personal as well as the public realm, we are uncertain about the standard we should use to evaluate the available options. One type of such normative uncertainty concerns basic moral values and their relative importance. For example, an educator may be uncertain whether animal suffering and economical inequalities are intrinsically bad, and to which of the two it is more important to cultivate the students’ sensitivity. Are there any rational ways to cope with such normative uncertainty? How should we characterize deliberative success under such uncertainty? How should we analyze the notion of “good choice” that is relevant for such deliberations? Is it morally virtuous to aim for good choices in this sense?  These are some of the questions Ron has been considering.

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Research Interests:

Decision Theory, Ethics, Moral Psychology, Philosophy of Action