Alexander Stöpfgeshoff



Postdoctoral Fellow


St. George,


  • BA, Uppsala University
  • MA, Uppsala University
  • PhD, Uppsala University

Alexander completed his dissertation in 2018, exploring in it the role of the character virtue for moral goodness in Thomas Aquinas’s and Godfrey of Fontaines’s moral philosophies.

His current project, under Martin Pickavé, explores the Aristotelian tradition in moral philosophy and, more specifically, the Parisian Master of Arts John Buridan and his influential commentary on Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics. Buridan’s moral philosophy, while little studied speaks, directly to central questions about the nature of moral thought: Is general knowledge about morality possible? Does moral judgment rely on moral principles? What are the similarities and differences between moral theory and other scientific inquiries such as mathematics or medicine? The project is also comparative in nature and explores the relation between the medieval discussion and contemporary philosophy, especially in connection to the debate between particularism and generalism.

When not at his desk, Alexander enjoys spending time outdoors running, hiking, or biking.

To learn more about Alexander, visit his personal website.

Research Interests:

Ethics, Medieval Philosophy