Christoph Limbeck-Lilienau

Christoph Limbeck-Lilienau


Postdoctoral Fellow


St. George,


  • BA, University of Paris-Sorbonne
  • MA, University of Paris-Sorbonne and University of Vienna
  • PhD, University of Vienna

Christoph completed his dissertation in 2013 at the University of Vienna in philosophy of mind on the question whether perceptual states have representational content. He published a monograph on the history of the Vienna Circle (2015) and is currently editing the “Routledge Handbook on Logical Empiricism” (together with Thomas Uebel).

His current project, under the supervision of Cheryl Misak, is dedicated to the question how naturalistic and pragmatist tendencies in the analytic philosophy of the 1920s shaped the positions within the Vienna Circle. A central focus is placed on the influence of Bertrand Russell’s and Frank Ramsey’s naturalistic and pragmatic conceptions of meaning, representation, and propositions on the Vienna Circle. The project explores how the discussions in Cambridge in the 1920s were transmitted, through Wittgenstein, to the members of the Vienna Circle (especially to Carnap and Waismann) and how these discussions evaluated different options for a consistent theory of meaning and representation, from the picture-theory of meaning to causal theories and use theories of meaning. The project also analyzes the contemporary relevance of these different options.

Besides philosophy, Christoph enjoys biking, classical music, and visiting museums.

To learn more about Christoph’s research, see his page on Academia.


Research Interests:

Epistemology, History of Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Pragmatism