Justin Bouillon

Justin Bouillon


Graduate Student


St. George,


  • BA, Trent University


Justin, who is in the master’s program, is interested in the problem of alienation in Marx and in Hegel, and in Marx’s response to Hegel’s philosophy in general. He also takes a special interest in Nietzsche’s philosophy and its antecedents, particularly in the implication of his response to prominent figures within German Idealism, as well as in the subsequent reception of Nietzsche’s thought among different philosophical circles. Justin’s interests further extend to the tradition of phenomenology, and to the critical theory of the Frankfurt School. In addition to these specific interests, his experience as an undergraduate student at Trent University has provided him with a solid foundation in the history of Western Philosophy, as well as an appreciation for the various philosophical disciplines figuring prominently therein. Beyond philosophy, he enjoys writing music and reading.

Research Interests:

Continental Philosophy