Kangyu Wang

Kangyu Wang, 150w


Visiting Graduate Student

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  • LLB (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics), Renmin University of China
  • MSc (Philosophy and Public Policy), London School of Economics and Political Science

Kangyu Wang is a visiting PhD student from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He earned an MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy also from the LSE and, before that, an LLB in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from Renmin University of China. He works on a number of projects in different areas, but at the moment, he is mainly focused on (1) hard choice, (2) dynamic decision-making, and (3) risk, uncertainty, and unawareness, as well as some practical problems involving them in finance and AI regulation. He has also been working on freedom, equality, the meaning of life, and the relationship between democracy and bureaucracy. At the University of Toronto, he will be working with Sergio Tenenbaum.

Outside of philosophy, Kangyu is a museumgoer, a hiker (amateur), a theatregoer (with very limited knowledge), and a heavy tea drinker. He works out and wants to try some winter sports in Canada. He occasionally writes jokes and classical Chinese poems.

Research Interests:

Decision Theory, Moral Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Economics