Rashad  Rehman

Rashad Rehman


Graduate Student


St. George,

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  • BA, King’s University College, Western University

Rashad’s primary field of interest is in Medieval Philosophy (esp. St. Augustine’s Confessions and St. Thomas Aquinas) and Ancient Philosophy (esp. Plato’s writing on love, myth and sophism). Secondarily, he is interested in Josef Pieper’s writings on art, beauty and virtue, as well as the role of philosophical anthropology in his philosophy of education. Finally, he maintains interest in the philosophy of myth (esp. mythos/logos antinomy in Plato, Blumenberg and Pieper), the philosophy of love (esp. Kierkegaard’s Works of Love and Pieper’s On Love) and contemporary philosophical anthropology.

He is also an admirer of the poetry of Dante, Goethe and Shakespeare, as well as literary writers such as C.S Lewis and G.K Chesterton. During his time away from academic work, he is a Family Support Worker at a local brain injury association, a Social Companion at a long-term care home and an avid bmx biker.

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Research Interests:

Ancient Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, Philosophical Anthropology