Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson, 150w


Visiting Professor


St. George,

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  • BA, Kent State University
  • MA, Kent State University
  • PhD, Duquesne University

Ryan is a visiting professor, on sabbatical from his home institution, Elon University in North Carolina, where he is an associate professor of Philosophy.

During his sabbatical year, Ryan is working on ten projects. The first is a co-written (with Biko Mandela Gray) monograph, Phenomenology of Black Spirit (Edinburgh University Press), which stages a dialectical parallelism between Hegel’s magnum opus and Black thinkers from Frederick Douglass to Angela Davis. In between, Ryan is writing his fourth book, Three American Hegels, which explores the reception of Hegelianism by three seminal yet neglected American philosophers: Henry C. Brokmeyer, the forgotten first English translator of Hegel’s Wissenschaft der Logik; Horace Williams, the first philosophy professor at the first U.S. public university, UNC-Chapel Hill; and John William Miller, the influential teacher of the metaphysics of democratic acts.

Ryan is also completing a co-edited monograph titled Contemporary Encounters with Ancient Practice (Edinburgh University Press), a sequel to his previous volume, Contemporary Encounters with Ancient Metaphysics (Edinburgh University Press, 2017). Finally, Ryan is bringing to completion several articles on themes such as Hegel and lynching, Nietzsche and James Baldwin, and historical exclusion in philosophy and musicology, as well as translating a book of French philosophy and serving as the co-editor of a journal issue of Studies in Pedagogy on the theme of “Teaching Philosophy as a Way of Life.”

Research Interests:

Africana Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Hegel, Spinoza