Unnati  Patel



Graduate Student


St. George,


  • BASc, University of Toronto (Electrical Engineering), P. Eng. MBA, PMP, HBA (Philosophy)

Unnati Patel is an engineer with over twenty-five years of leadership, technology and project management experience at senior executive levels within multi-national corporations in aerospace, high-technology and manufacturing industries.  She recently pursued her lifelong dream to study the humanities and has completed the specialist in philosophy HBA at University of Toronto Mississauga.

Her main interests involve the intersection of the issues in philosophy of mind; ethics; eastern philosophical traditions and how they apply to and are informed by the recent technological advancements of Artificial Intelligence (AI).   She wishes to advance AI research topics in philosophy of mind by working collaboratively across the disciplines of western philosophy; eastern philosophy; as well as current scientific approaches and technology advancements.

Research Interests:

Eastern Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Mind