Employment at UTSC

CUPE 3902 Unit 3 at UTSC

📌Note: this page contains information on job postings within CUPE 3902 Unit 3 at the University of Toronto campus in Scarborough (UTSC). CUPE 3902 Unit 3 postings are intended for  individuals seeking sessional employment (sessional lecturers and sessional instructional assistants) who are not students or postdoctoral fellows at the University of Toronto.

For CUPE 3902 Unit 1 postings (those that pertain to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and undergraduate students at the University of Toronto) check the tri-campus department’s employment page.

How to apply

Please complete the UTSC Unit 3 application form (PDF) and email it along with your updated curriculum vitae to Professor Phil Kremer, Acting Chair, Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto at Scarborough. The University of Toronto strongly prefers electronic submission of application materials, including CVs. If you are submitting this application in a non-electronic format, please enclose a hard copy of your CV.

Available Positions

There are no available positions at this time.