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Global Philosophy Research Interest Group Talk (Joey Miller, West Chester)

Friday April 14, 2023, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

The Global Philosophy Research Interest Group is delighted to welcome as guest speaker Joseph Len “”Joey” Miller, an assistant professor of Philosophy at West Chester University. Dr. Miller specializes in Native American philosophy and ethics. As an enrolled member of Muscogee Nation, his research focuses on understanding the ethical frameworks of his ancestors and how these frameworks have been adapted to address settler colonialism. His work has been published, among other places, in the Journal of Value Inquiry and Philosophical Studies.

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Talk Title

Veganism as Indigenous Futurity: A Native American Justification for Veganism

Talk Abstract

Prior to colonization, non-human animal products were a prominent component of Native American diets and food pathways. This practice seems to require little justification because such practices were done for survival (i.e., out of necessity). However, there were still expectations and standards for how non-human animals were hunted and consumed that demonstrated non-human animals having “moral status.” Contemporary Native American diets, similarly, may justify the consumption of non-human animals by referencing survival – of both their people and their ways of life. In either case, the consumption of non-human animals seems to require justification. Given how embedded the consumption of non-human animals is within Native American cultures/values, there seems to be a tension between adhering to Native American cultures/values and ceasing to consume non-human animal products. Natives for whom the aforementioned justifications don’t apply, may be pressed to justify the claim that they shouldn’t consume non-human animal products. In this talk, I’ll offer an illustration of what a justification for veganism would look within a Native American ethical framework. To do this, I’ll be using the concept of futurity to explain how ceasing or refusing to engage in contemporary practices typically used to consume non-human animals can help exhibit and preserve Native American values.

The Global Philosophy Research Interest Group explores the benefits of drawing on diverse traditions of thought in approaching philosophical questions. These include novel insights into familiar problems, new questions and research directions, and fresh methodologies. We work to deprovincialize and decolonize all aspects of philosophy in the academy. The group currently has strengths in Sanskrit philosophy, and Chinese philosophy, Indian philosophy in English, and classical Islamic philosophy.



Friday April 14, 2023
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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