Fall 2020 Undergrad Welcome & Orientation

Published: September 4, 2020

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Undergrads! We are extremely excited to have you with us—again, if you are a returning student, or anew, if you are just joining the Department of Philosophy at U of T for the first time. We are living through strange times indeed, times that none of us expected, and times that mean we cannot be face to face with all of you as much as we would like. To make up as much as possible for that in-person energy, we have put together a few words of welcome (videos & written messages) for you from members of the department: your peers, professors, teaching assistants, administrators, and grad students.

If you’re new, it might take a moment to navigate U of T, especially under the current circumstances. But we’re all here to help, and, according to Eric Correia, the department’s undergraduate administrator, these are your top three resources for Philosophy:

Stay safe, stay kind, and welcome aboard!

Welcome Videos from the PCU and the Department


Welcome Messages from the Department Community