A Note to Our Graduates on Convocation Day

Published: November 21, 2020

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To our Philosophy Graduates today:

Congratulations!  You have not only shown your dedication, intelligence, and courage in studying philosophy here at the University for the past several years—you have also managed to get through our program under the extremely challenging circumstances of COVID-19, when courses magically shifted online and professorial office hours tended to disappear.  Your patience and resilience in the face of all the obstacles put in your way (including symbolic logic) is inspiring. I can say on behalf of our entire Department that it is an endless pleasure to have had you in our
classes: the undergraduates who choose to study philosophy with us are truly exceptional, and being in the classroom with you has been a delight.

We wish you well going forward! Success in your endeavours, whatever they may be, and we hope your study of philosophy will resonate through the rest of your life and all your activities. Don’t forget to stay in touch to let us know what you are doing!

—Peter King, Associate Chair, Undergraduate