Alumnus Stephen Yablo Talks Biography and Philosophy on “What Is It Like to Be a Philosopher?”

Published: December 2, 2021

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Stephen Yablo, David W. Skinner Professor of Philosophy at MIT and an alumnus of the University of Toronto (BSc Philosophy & Mathematics, 1979), is widely recognized as a leading philosopher in his fields of inquiry: metaphysics, philosophy of logic an mathematics, and the philosophy of mind and language. The author of pathbreaking papers and books and the recipient of many honours, Yablo gave the Hempel Lectures at Princeton in 2008, the Locke Lectures at Oxford in 2021, and the Whitehead Lectures at Harvard in 2016. All of these dealt with themes connected to subject matter and meaning. Recently, he spoke about attending U of T, ping pong, the difference between philosophical progress and understanding, philosophy post-Wittgenstein, and much more on the blog What Is It Like to Be a Philosopher, hosted by Cliff Sosis. Take a read and enjoy!