Balzan Styles of Reasoning Research Project (2015-2019)

Published: September 1, 2015

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The Department of Philosophy has just begun a major five-year research project on the theme of Styles of Reasoning. Made possible by the 2014 Balzan Prize awarded to University Professor Emeritus Ian Hacking, this project offers generous financial support to Toronto graduate students working in the Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Philosophy of Science and Mathematics, and Social and Political Philosophy.

In the 2015-16 academic year, Toronto has designated four doctoral students as Balzan Graduate Fellows in Philosophy: two first-year students and two senior students expected to complete their doctorates this year, with philosophical interests ranging from Philosophy of Cognitive Science to the relationship between social forces and individual reasoning. In addition, Toronto is hosting three Balzan Visiting Fellows in Philosophy, doctoral students from Japan, Italy and China, working on history of philosophy, philosophy of perception, and social and political philosophy. Balzan Travel Awards also support Toronto graduate students who are travelling internationally to present their research on topics related to the project.

The Styles of Reasoning project will run from 2015-19, culminating in a major conference at Toronto.