St. George Undergraduate Awards 2022

Published: November 22, 2022

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November 17, 2022, marked not only the day of our much-applauded UNESCO World Philosophy Day Lecture with Agnes Callard (Chicago) but also the moment at which we announced the St. George undergraduate award winners for 2022. Congratulations to all successful candidates!

  • Justin Gharibo, Scotia Capital Markets Bursary in Philosophy
  • Aman Sakhardande, Thomas J. Lang Scholarship in Philosophy
  • Thomas Kaufman-Nash, Sunflower Scholarship
  • Elysa Din, Dr. Danny Goldstick Award
  • Mathieu Duguay, John F. M. Hunter Memorial Scholarship
  • Charlotte Wun, George Kennedy Scholarship
  • Jamie Li, John MacDonald Scholarship in Philosophy
  • Christine Park, Thomas A. Goudge Scolarship in Philosophy