The Phenomenology of Love and Collective Injustices: Community Members in the News

Published: June 6, 2022

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If you’re casting about for a short, thought-provoking read or have a half-hour to spare to listen to an equally absorbing podcast, look no further: On June 5, PhD candidate and president of the GPSU Alexandra Gustafson entered into conversation with David Rutledge on his podcast The Philosopher’s Zone to talk all about love. In particular, the two delve into what romantic love feels like, that is, the experience or phenomenology of love—falling into it, sustaining the relationship, and, sometimes suddenly, finding oneself no longer in love. Take a listen—you’ll be sure to view your amorous attachments with fresh eyes!

Should you only have six minutes at your disposal, you can turn your attention to “On Collective Injustices: Why Your Vegetarianism Doesn’t Matter,” a short essay penned by one of the department’s postdoctoral fellows, Rowan Mellor. Published on the What to Do about Now blog at University College London, Mellor explores the possible responses he might have given to a former colleague who had chosen vegetarianism for reasons of animal welfare but did not feel his personal choice in fact made any difference to the suffering of farm animals around the world.