2020 Ontario High School Ethics Bowl

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Ethics Bowl USC

A collaborative and competitive event, where teams of students analyze and discuss ethical dilemmas. They propose, criticize, and compare bold strategies, and may even amend their original positions when faced with convincing arguments. Students have opportunities to pose and respond to probing questions. In doing so they gain a deeper awareness of the stakes and principles that animate the discussion.

The winning team will receive $3000 Award toward expenses to represent Ontario at the Canadian High School Ethics Bowl in Winnipeg, April 23/24, 2020.


  • Mutual respect
  • Critical thinking
  • Open-mindedness
  • Active listening
  • Courage
  • Cooperation

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2020 Ontario High School Ethics Board Committee

Andrée-Anne Cormier (Glendon College, York University)

Allison Piñeros Glasscock (U of T, St. George)

Juan Piñeros Glasscock (U of T, Mississauga)

Jeffrey Senese (U of T, Mississauga)

Mike Twamley (U of T, St. George)


Nic Fillion (Simon Fraser University)

Nicolas Tanchuk (Iowa State University)