Bowen Chan



Graduate Student


St. George,


  • BA, University of British Columbia
  • BSc, University of British Columbia

Apart from his primary research interests, Bowen is also interested in moral psychology, practical reason, philosophy of action, and applied ethics with regards to global poverty, climate change, and animal welfare. Bowen also has related research interests in the history of philosophy, especially the moral philosophy of David Hume, Immanuel Kant, John Stuart Mill, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Bernard Williams. Surprisingly, perhaps, his primary research interests are not in the philosophy of science. (In fact, he had not attended a single course dedicated to the philosophy of science as an undergraduate.) Instead, his interests in physics, and the sciences in general were partly inspired by the beauty of its methodology and its lawfulness, and the potential utility of extending that methodology to moral philosophy. Bowen is now particularly interested in the implications of our scientific conception of the world on the limits of ethical theory and applied ethics.

Research Interests:

19th Century Philosophy, Early Modern Philosophy, Ethics