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Philosophy has been taught at that University of Toronto since 1843. Much has changed in that time, but the department remains Canada’s preeminent philosophy department.

U of T’s Department of Philosophy tops the Philosophical Gourmet Report as the best in Canada, tying for 10th in the world. The department is home to over 50 faculty members who specialize in ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, and logic—among them the world’s most highly touted philosophers. The department’s most distinctive strength is its broad coverage of the history of philosophy.

The department offers an inspiring environment for academically talented and engaged students to explore the major tenets and history of philosophical thought, and to debate the eternal questions, such as the nature of a good life, the justifiability of law, and the limits of knowledge.

The brightest undergraduate students also have an extraordinary opportunity to learn by teaching as part of the highly-regarded Socrates Project.