Faisal K. Bhabha

Faisal Bhabha, 150w


Graduate Student


St. George,

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  • BA (Combined Honours), McMaster University (Classics and History; minor in French)
  • MA, McGill University (History)
  • MA, University of Chicago (Social Sciences)
  • JD, University of Toronto

Faisal is a joint JD/PhD student (though he received his JD in 2023). His philosophical and other academic interests are wide-ranging, but he plans to write his dissertation on a topic in philosophy of law. Specifically, he argues that all adults stand in a fiduciary relationship with the children with whom they interact. This includes parents, but also all other adults—for example, teachers, camp counsellors, or even kidnappers—with a child in their care. This project draws on Kant’s account of parental authority in the Doctrine of Right.

Main Research Interests:

Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy, Ethics, Kant

Other Research Interests:

German Idealism, Pragmatism, Value Theory