Greg Horne



Graduate Student


St. George,

Email Address:


  • BSc, University of Victoria (Biology and Psychology)
  • MA, Western University (Philosophy)

My central focus is to understand where and how consciousness arises in nature. In light of this, I am interested in philosophy of mind (especially panpsychism, neutral monism, and Russellian monism) and philosophy of science (physics and cognitive neuroscience). I am also interested in the political, social, and ecological implications of different views of consciousness and the natural world. Particularly, I am interested in how materialism and dualism drive environmental exploitation, capitalism, colonialism, and heteropatriarchy, and whether theories such as panpsychism can, if developed in respectful relationship with other bodies of knowledge, align with decolonial, feminist, anticapitalist and environmental movements.

Research Interests:

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, Social and Political Philosophy