Jorge Omar Rodríguez Ramírez



Visiting Graduate Student


St. George,

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Jorge Omar is a PhD student at the National Autonomous University of Mexico who is currently a visiting graduate student in the graduate’s program in Philosophy at the University of Toronto. His primary focus is on Kant’s philosophy of rights, but he also has a broader interest in the wider philosophical approach to law. In his PhD thesis, “Self-Sufficient Citizenship and Dependency Relations in Kant,” he explores the consequences of defining citizenship as either dependent or self-sufficient from a legal standpoint. Currently he is working on two papers: “Kant on Philosophical Writing” and “Trust in the Enemy: Kant’s Conception of Trust in War.” Besides his interests in the philosophy of rights, he is strongly interested in the philosophy of writing, as well as metaphysics.

Outside philosophy, Jorge Omar finds joy in sports, particularly calisthenics and skating, and has a great love for watching movies and indulging in literature.

Research Interests:

Kant, Philosophy of Law