Julia Minarik



Graduate Student


St. George,


  • BA (Honours), University of Manitoba (Philosophy & Economics)
  • MA, University of Manitoba (Philosophy)

Julia is a PhD student in the department and an avid lover and seeker of beauty in all its forms.

Julia is currently interested in what interacting with AI can teach us about human cognition in general, and about human creativity and imagination in particular. She aims to blend contemporary empirical work in both aesthetics and the philosophy of mind with an eye to how aesthetic judgement, activities, and concepts play a daily role in human learning and experience. Methodologically, she harbours pragmatist inclinations – and a deep appreciation for the work of Margaret MacDonald.

Julia’s past research involved developing an ontology of tattoos and investigating the art-relevant ontological insights that can be derived from adornments in general. She still maintains an interest in adornment and the ontology of art. She is currently the editor of the American Society for Aesthetics Newsletter.

She continues to cultivate an interest in formal logic and maintains an appreciation for the way engaging with it structures her approach to other areas of philosophy.

In her personal life, Julia reads a lot of horror fiction, quilts (badly), and paints portraits and figures and things.

Aesthetics; Philosophy of Mind; Pragmatism; Ontology

Research Interests:

Aesthetics, Philosophy of Mind, Pragmatism, Ontology