Julia Minarik

Julia Minarik, 150w


Graduate Student


St. George,


  • BA (Honours), University of Manitoba (Philosophy & Economics)
  • MA, University of Manitoba (Philosophy)

Julia is a PhD student in the department and the managing editor of the American Society for Aesthetics graduate e-journal. She is primarily attracted to questions in analytic aesthetics and the ontology of art, with a focus on the ontology of tattoos and adornments. Julia’s current research is concerned with the art-relevant ontological insights that can be derived from adornments and how these insights can be applied to other debates in the ontology of art. Recently, she’s been enticed by meta-ontological questions in aesthetics, questions concerning how realism and representation in art are defined, and how truth fits into talk about art and beauty. She continues to cultivate an interest in formal logic.

In her personal life, Julia reads a lot of horror fiction, paints portraits with watercolours, and plays overcomplicated board games.

Research Interests:

Aesthetics, Logic, Metaphysics, Ontology