Léo Melançon-Thibault

Léo Melançon-Thibault, 150w


Graduate Student


St. George,


  • BA, Université de Montréal (Philosophy)
  • MA, Université de Montréal (Philosophy)

Léo is a PhD student whose research is primarily devoted to Latin medieval philosophy, especially late 13th- and early 14th-century philosophy of mind. As such, his MA thesis focused on controversies around the medieval notion of agent intellect (intellectus agens), a theme he plans to explore further during his PhD. Within medieval philosophy, he is also interested in epistemology, metaphysics, and political philosophy. Léo also has a longstanding (but mostly dormant) interest in early modern French philosophy, especially Pascal.

Current projects include critical editions of questions on the intellect by 14th-century Dominican philosophers and theologians Peter of Palude and James of Metz, as well as a new collaborative French translation of Dante’s Monarchia.

Outside of philosophy, Léo enjoys classical music, traveling, hiking, and being an overly average tennis player.

Research Interests:

Medieval Philosophy