R.Z. (Zev) Friedman


Emeritus Professor


St. George, UTM,

Email Address:


R. Zev Friedman was a graduate student in U of T’s Department of Philosophy, and then joined the faculty in the St. Michael’s Philosophy Department in 1974. Prof. Friedman then moved to Erindale College (now UTM) for a three-year stint before deciding to transfer to University College. In 2004, he retired and moved to Israel.

Research Interests:

Ethics, Jewish Philosophy, Kant, Philosophy of Religion


  • “Maimonides and Kant on Metaphysics and Piety,” Review of Metaphysics 45, no. 4 (June 1992): 773—801.
  • “Kant and Kierkegaard: The Limits of Reason and the Cunning of Faith.”, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 19 (1/2) (1986):3 – 22.
  • “The Importance and Function of Kant’s Highest Good,” Journal of the History of Philosophy 22 (3) (1984) :325-342.

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