Robert W. Luzecky

Robert Luzecky


Sessional Lecturer


St. George,


  • MA, Memorial University
  • MA, Purdue University
  • PhD, Purdue University

Rob works on continental approaches to ontology, aesthetics, and political philosophy. His primary research specialization is the intersection of the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze, phenomenology, and Marxism. He has published articles on various aspects of Deleuze’s philosophy. In 2023, he co-edited, with Daniel W. Smith, Deleuze and Time (Edinburgh University Press). At present, he is working on two books: an edited collection on Deleuze and the environment, and a monograph on Marxist approaches to the climate crisis. He has taught courses on existentialism, aesthetics, philosophy of religion, philosophy of literature, philosophy of the environment, and Marx. 

Research Interests:

Deleuze, Marxism, Phenomenology