Steven Coyne

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Assistant Professor (Teaching Stream, CLTA)


St. George, UTM,


  • BA Honours, University of Calgary (Philosophy)
  • BSc,University of Calgary (Mathematics)
  • MA, University of British Columbia (Philosophy)
  • PhD, University of Toronto (Philosophy)

Steven Coyne, who is cross-appointed with the Department of Computer Science, teaches courses in moral and political philosophy, as well as the philosophy of law. He also prepares and delivers ethics modules in computer science classes for the Embedded Ethics Education Initiative in collaboration with instructors from the Department of Computer Science.

His research is in moral and political philosophy, with a particular eye on issues connecting to reasons and rationality. His main projects concern how people can affect the reasons of other people, particularly through their speech acts, and particularly in political contexts. Can the state give new reasons to its subjects by commanding them? In order to properly obey the law, do people need to exclude some of their existing reasons for action? Do members of liberal democracies have any moral powers over one another? He is also working on some projects in the ethics of technology concerning autonomy and bias and discrimination in algorithmic decision-making.

Find out more about Dr. Coyne’s research and teaching on his personal website.

Research Interests:

Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Ethics, Philosophy of Technology