Xiaoqiang (John) Han



Sessional Lecturer


St. George,

Email Address:


  • BA (Philosophy), Peking University
  • MA (Philosophy), Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • PhD (Philosophy), Queen’s University at Kingston

John Han received his first university education in Philosophy at Beijing University and Renming University in China. He gained his master’s and doctoral degrees in Philosophy at Memorial University and Queen’s University, respectively. His research interests include metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of language, and comparative philosophy. His most recent research focuses on Zhuangzi’s radical skepticism and an epistemic paradox derived from Mohist logic. He has taught various courses in art history, aesthetics, logic, the history of Western philosophy, and Chinese philosophy.

Dr. Han is also interested in photography.

Research Interests:

Comparative Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Philosophy of Language


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