Yi-Cheng Lin

Yi-Cheng Lin, 150w


Graduate Student


St. George,


  • BA, Soochow University (Taiwan)
  • MA, National Taiwan University

Yi-Cheng is a PhD student who grew up in Taiwan and moved to Melbourne before coming to Toronto. He is interested in metaphysics and metaethics, including both historical and contemporary perspectives. For metaphysics, he spends a lot of time thinking about time. But, in general, for most x, he is interested in the metaphysics of x. For metaethics, he is interested in issues around normativity and motivation. In addition to these, he also enjoys reading Ancient Greek/Roman philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Hobbes, and Kant.

For more information, visit Yi-Cheng’s personal website.

Research Interests:

History of Philosophy, Metaethics, Metaphysics