Yinghua Lu

Yinghua Lu


Visiting Professor


St. George,

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Yinghua Lu earned his PhD in Philosophy from Southern Illinois University. He is professor at Si-Mian Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, East China Normal University, and currently a visiting professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Toronto. Focusing on Chinese philosophy and comparative philosophy, Dr. Lu explores academic resources of Confucian philosophy (esp. Mencius and Wang Yangming), contemporary new-Confucianism (esp. Mou Zongsan), ethics, phenomenology (esp. Max Scheler), and psychology and psychoanalysis, with special attention to questions of the heart-mind, emotion, consciousness, and value. His research methods tend to carry out philosophical examination and development from the perspective of personal and interpersonal lived experience.

He has published a number of English and Chinese articles in renowned journals like Continental Philosophy Review, Dao, Philosophy East and West, International Philosophical Quarterly, Asian Philosophy, 《哲学与文化》(Philosophy and Culture),《中国哲学史》(History of Chinese Philosophy), and《文史哲》(Literature, History and Philosophy). His monographs include Confucianism and Phenomenology: An Exploration of Feeling, Value and Virtue (Brill, 2021). He has directed two nationally funded research projects and two research projects supported by provincial grants.

Research Interests:

Chinese Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, Ethics, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Emotions