2018 Formal Epistemology Workshop (FEW)

Jackman Humanities Building, Room 100 (Main Floor Lecture Hall) 170 St. George Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The 2018 Formal Epistemology Workshop will present papers in formal epistemology, broadly construed to include related areas of philosophy as well as cognate disciplines like statistics, psychology, economics, computer science, and mathematics. This year's FEW will feature two keynote addresses, by Lara Buchak and Mike Titelbaum, as well as 10 submitted papers. 

Public Lecture in Celebration of World Logic Day (Branden Fitelson, Northeastern)

Jackman Humanities Building, Room 418 170 St. George Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Branden Fitelson, a Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Northeastern University, shows how to apply the insights of David Lewis to repair Lewis's own triviality argument against the Adams's thesis, leading to a more reasonable rendition of the equation.

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