New Edited Collection on Aesthetics by Sonia Sedivy

Published: July 26, 2021

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Congratulations to Professor Sonia Sedivy on the publication of her edited collection, Art, Representation, and Make-Believe: Essays on the Philosophy of Kendall L. Walton (Routledge, 2021). The book is the first collection of essays focused on the varied work of Kendall L. Walton, who has shaped debate about the arts for the past half-century. His thinking provides a comprehensive framework that understands the arts as the outcome of humans’ capacity for make-believe, explaining a multitude of artforms in terms of complex structures of pretense, perception, imagining, empathy, and emotion. Contributions to the collection from a diverse group of philosophers probe Walton’s detailed proposals and the themes for research they open, making the book an important intervention for scholars working on aesthetics across the humanities, as well as those interested in the topic of representation and its intersection with perception, language, science, and metaphysics.

As a complement, listen to Sedivy’s 25th British Wittgenstein Society Lecture titled “Wittgenstein, Plurality, and Context: Art as a Case Study.”