New Volume on Water Ethics Edited by Ingrid Stefanovic

Published: December 11, 2020

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We are delighted to announce an important intervention into a current debate by Professor Emerita Ingrid Stefanovic: alongside Zafar Adeel (Simon Fraser University), she has edited Ethical Water Stewardship (Springer, 2020). An introduction to the topic for philosophers and non-philosophers alike, the tome for the first time links water ethics to challenges of resource and environmental security, specifically examining how moral questions inform decision making around water security at local, national, and international scales.

Water security, which pertains to the experience of assured access to clean water, is a broad concept that intersects human rights, politics, economics, law, legislation, public health, trade, agriculture, and energy. Decisions made at each of these intersection points have ramifications for human well-being, especially for the populations that are marginalized in a societal and political sense. In this book, the ethical dimensions of decision-making at those intersection points are explored, and real-world examples are used to tease out some key insights. It charts how ethical consideration can help shape a future in which everyone will be water secure.