Philosophical Gourmet Report

Published: December 10, 2014

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Once again the Philosophical Gourmet Report is out, and once again the University of Toronto has risen in the standings. It is gratifying to see that Toronto’s overall rating puts us at the top of Canadian departments by a big margin, and tied for tenth spot internationally with very distinguished programs such as UCLA, Berkeley, and Columbia.

This widely respected reputational survey also ranks departments in various special subject areas. Though only a small number of area rankings have been released thus far, we already see that in areas of traditional strength and high visibility Toronto has continued to do exceptionally well. In ancient philosophy Toronto stands very high, with only Oxford and Princeton ahead of us. We continue to be exceptionally strong in medieval philosophy too. In both ethics and political philosophy Toronto has a similarly high rating, and we also do very well in early modern.

While all rankings should be taken with a grain of salt, it is nonetheless good to know that our reputation continues to improve among the hundreds of philosophers who responded to the PGR survey.  Thanks to everyone for continuing to make our department even stronger.

Click here for the Political Philosophy Ranking , Early Modern Ranking

This news was recently covered in the U of T Bulletin.