2020 Placement Job Talk – Juan Piñeros Glasscock

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Juan Piñeros Glasscock is a UTM Postdoctoral Associate. He holds BA and MA degrees from the University of Toronto, and a PhD from Yale University. His central areas of interest are in philosophy of mind and action, epistemology, and moral psychology. Talk Title “Practical Intellectualism: An Account of Skill/Know-How” Abstract … Read More

2020 Placement Job Talk – Parisa Moosavi

Parisa Moosavi is a postdoctoral fellow in Ethics and Artificial Intelligence in the Philosophy Department at York University. She specializes in ethics and philosophy of biology, with particular interests in neo-Aristotelian ethics, natural teleology, and ethics of artificial intelligence. Talk Title: “Natural Goodness without Natural History” Abstract: Neo-Aristotelian ethical naturalism purports … Read More

2019 Placement Job Talk – Jessica Wright

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Jessica Wright is a PhD candidate who specializes in philosophy of mind and ethics, with additional research interests in cognitive science and self knowledge. Her dissertation argues that implicit attitudes reflect on the self. Talk Title: “Controlling Implicit Attitudes”

2019 Placement Job Talk – Manish Oza

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Manish Oza is a PhD candidate interested in logic and language, idealism, and legal theory. His PhD thesis is about the relation between logic and meaningful thought. Talk Title: “Nonsense: A User’s Guide” Abstract: Many philosophers suppose that sometimes we think we are saying or thinking something meaningful when in … Read More

2019 Placement Job Talk – Aaron Henry

Aaron Henry is a PhD candidate currently writing a thesis that investigates the phenomenology of perceptual attention and whether this aspect of subjective experience can be adequately explained in either intentionalist or direct realist terms. Talk Title: “Experience of Acting and the Disappearing Agent Problem”