Ethics and Political Philosophy Group Talk (Mark Schroeder, Southern California)

Mark Schroeder (Southern California) works on areas of philosophy in some way connected to metaethics. He is interested in the ways in which rationality, reasons, value, and other “evaluative’” or “normative” categories are related to the mundane, physical world in which we live, in which things are round, red, or left of one another. For example, are there really facts about what is rational or not, to go along with the facts about what is round or not?

UNESCO World Philosophy Day (Sharon Street, NYU)

Sharon Street, a professor of Philosophy at NYU, specializes in metaethics. She has authored a series of articles on how to reconcile our understanding of normativity with a scientific conception of the world. Her work concerns the nature of both practical and epistemic reasons, and it draws especially on an evolutionary biological perspective.