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We are a small, growing department where students enjoy getting to know outstanding faculty members who bring cutting edge research to their teaching.  Philosophical issues comes to life in our courses as students learn key skills: how to think critically and analytically about difficult questions that cannot be studied experimentally; how to construct and assess arguments; and how to write clear and incisive essays.

2019-20 will be an exciting year.  We are looking forward to welcoming students to our new space on the third floor of the MW building.  And we are thrilled to move forward with two new initiatives – a minor in Biomedical Ethics and the second year of our Socrates Project!  Our new faculty member Professor Christian Pfeiffer will be in his first full year with us, reshaping our courses in Ancient Philosophy.  While we will miss some faculty members who will be on research leaves during the year, this is also an opportunity to welcome outstanding lecturers.  Mark Fortney will be spending a second year with us, taking charge of the Socrates program; and our new lecturers, Rachel Bryant and Elliot Carter will offer a variety of innovative courses.  The Association of Philosophy Students is planning more events than ever.  Please check out our news and initiatives.

Get to know UTSC Philosophy’s faculty.

We are very fortunate this year to be welcoming new members to our faculty. Professor Christian Pfeiffer is joining us to expand our teaching and research into the foundational field of ancient philosophy. Instructors Mark Fortney will be offering an array of terrific courses.

We are very happy to have Professor Joshua Brandt returning to take charge of our biomedical ethics courses.

Professors Sonia Sedivy, Julia Nefsky and Waheed Hussain will be missed while they are on leave.

But the rest of our crew – Professors Benj Hellie, Philip Kremer, William Seager, and Jessica Wilson – will all be teaching and pursuing their research endeavours.  Professor William Seager will be taking the helm as acting chair.

Want to get to know our stellar and diverse faculty? Check out these interviews with:

Throughout the year, we’ll also be publishing new interviews with Jacob Stump, Joshua Brandt, Mark Fortney, Waheed Hussain, and Christian Pfeiffer. Stay tuned – we’ll upload the interviews here once they’re available!

Students are welcome to drop by the department with questions, to stop by to chat with faculty, or just to relax or study in our lounge.

Our excellent Departmental Administrator Jason Ferreira is happy to answer your questions or he will direct you to someone who knows the answer.

Students should also check out our Association of Philosophy Students (APS), which is organizing a number of fun and instructive philosophy events throughout the year.

We welcome the new Association of Philosophy Students (APS) executive for 2019-20:
President: Ashwinder (Ash) Suden
Vice-President Academics: Zayn Hanif
Vice-President Public Relations: Jazz Wong
Vice-President Operations: Carl Westermann
Vice-President External: Zaki Sayyid
Vice-President Events: Mathura Thevendran

Please do have a look around our website and drop by the department. We look forward to getting to know our new philosophy students and to resuming conversations with our returning students.