Department of Philosophy at UTSC

Philosophy at U of T Scarborough Campus

Philosophy has been taught at the University of Toronto Scarborough since the 1964 founding of UTSC, now a sprawling modern campus known for its verdant tree-lined pathways, stellar facilities, and location close to popular natural landmarks in Toronto’s greenest area. We are a growing department, currently home to 450+ undergraduate students and 13 faculty members. Our programs, which combine the academic rigour of a U of T degree with an intimate campus atmosphere, offer our students the benefit of relatively small class sizes and the opportunity to get to know outstanding faculty members who bring cutting edge research to their teaching. This is the UTSC advantage! As part of U of T’s tri-campus framework, UTSC Philosophy students also have access to one of the largest, most comprehensive, and most respected philosophy departments in the world. Course highlights at UTSC include our very popular biomedical ethics studies as well as our Socrates Project, a 4th-year experiential learning course. Studying philosophy is important because philosophical issues are at the heart of the problems we all confront – about freedom, value, the nature of knowledge or the relationship between what we experience and scientific explanations of reality. In all of our courses, our pedagogical aim is to make philosophical issues come to life while students learn key skills: how to think critically and analytically about difficult questions that cannot be studied experimentally; how to construct and assess arguments; and how to write clear and incisive essays.

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