Donald C. Ainslie

Donald Ainslie 2023




St. George,


  • BSc (Mathematics), Queen’s University
  • MA, University of Pittsburgh
  • PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Donald Ainslie’s research includes early modern philosophy, David Hume, naturalism in ethics, and the foundation of bioethics.

Research Interests:

Bioethics, Early Modern Philosophy, Hume


  • Hume’s True Scepticism. Oxford University Press. 2015
  • “Hume a Scottish Socrates?”, Canadian Journal of Philosophy 33(1). 2003.
  • “AIDS and Sex: Is Warning a Moral Obligation?”, Health Care Analysis 10(1). 2002.
  • “Bioethics And The Problem Of Pluralism”, Social Philosophy and Policy 19(2). 2002.
  • “Hume’s reflections on the identity and simplicity of mind”, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 62(3). 2001.
  • “Scepticism about persons in Book II of Hume’s Treatise”, Journal of the History of Philosophy 37(3). 1999.
  • “The Problem of the National Self in Hume’s Theory of Justice”, Hume Studies 21(2). 1995.

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University College (Room 165), 15 King's College Circle, Toronto, ON M5S 3H7