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  • DPhil, Oxford University
  • LittD, Cambridge University

George Boys-Stones is a professor of Classics and Philosophy, and currently serves as chair of the Classics Department. George has wide-ranging interests in ancient philosophy, with a special focus on the philosophical movements of the Hellenistic and post-Hellenistic periods. He is the author or co-author of six books, most recently a sourcebook for “Middle Platonism” and the first complete edition of the Stoic L. Annaeus Cornutus.

Research Interests:

Ancient Philosophy


  • ‘Order and Orderliness: The Myth of “Inner Beauty” in Plato’ in P. S. Horky (ed.), Cosmos in the Ancient World (Cambridge, 2019), 108-21.
  • L. Annaeus Cornutus: Greek Theology, Fragments, and Testimonia. (SBL Press 2018).
  • Platonist Philosophy 80 BC to 250 AD: An Introduction and Collection of Sources in Translation. (Cambridge University Press, 2018).
  • Plotinus: The Enneads. With L. P. Gerson (ed.), J. M. Dillon, R. A. H. King, A. Smith and J. Wilbderding. (Cambridge University Press, 2018).
  • ‘Numenius on Intellect, Soul, and the Authority of Plato’ in J. Bryan, R. Wardy and J. Warren (eds.), Authors and Authorities in Ancient Philosophy (Cambridge, 2018), 184-201.
  • ‘Are We Nearly There Yet? Eudorus on Aristotle’s Categories’ in T. Engberg-Pedersen (ed.), From Stoicism to Platonism (Cambridge, 2017), 67-79.
  • ‘Philosophy as Religion and the Meaning of “Providence” in Middle Platonism’ in E. Eidenow, J. Kindt and R. Osborne (eds.), Theologies of Ancient Greek Religion (Cambridge University Press, 2016), 317-38.
  • ‘Unity and the good: Platonists against οἰκείωσις’ in B. Collette-Dučić and S. Delcomminette (eds.), Unité et origine des vertus dans la philosophie anciennes (Brussels, 2014), 297-320.
  • ‘Seneca Against Plato: Letters 58 and 65’ in A. G. Long (ed.), Plato and the Stoics (Cambridge, 2013), 128-46.
  • ‘The Consolatio ad Apollonium: Therapy for the Dead’ in H. Baltussen (ed.), Greek and Roman Consolations: Eight Studies of a Tradition and its Afterlife (Swansea, 2013), 123-37.
  • The Circle of Socrates. Readings in the First-Generation Socratics (Hackett 2013). With C. J. Rowe.
  • ‘Antiochus’ Metaphysics’ in D. N. Sedley (ed.), The Philosophy of Antiochus (Cambridge, 2012), 220-36.
  • ‘Time, Creation and the Mind of God: The Afterlife of a Platonist Theory in Origen’, Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 40 (2011), 319-37.
  • ‘Human Autonomy and Divine Revelation in Origen’ in S. Swain, S. Harrison, and J. Elsner (edd.), Severan Culture (Cambridge, 2007), 488-99.
  • Seeing the Face, Seeing the Soul Polemon’s Physiognomy from Classical Antiquity to Medieval Islam (Oxford University Press 2007). With S. Swain (also volume editor), J. Elsner, A. Ghersetti, R. Hoyland, I. Repath).
  • ‘Alcinous, Didaskalikos 4: In Defence of Dogmatism’, in M. Bonazzi and V. Celluprica (edd.), L’Eredità Platonica da Arcesilao a Proclo (Naples, 2005), 201-34.
  • ‘Phaedo of Elis and Plato on the Soul’, Phronesis 49 (2004), 1-23.
  • Post-Hellenistic Philosophy: A Study of its Development from the Stoics to Origen (Oxford University Press 2001).

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