Global Philosophy Research Interest Group Talk (Mohammed Rustom, Carleton)

Jackman Humanities Building, Room 519

Mohammed Rustom, a professor of Islamic Thought and Global Philosophy at Carleton University and the director of the Carleton Centre for the Study of Islam. focuses his research on Islamic philosophy, Arabic, and Persian Sufi literature, Quranic exegesis, translation theory, and cross-cultural philosophy.

Continental Philosophy Research Group Talk (G. Anthony Bruno, Royal Holloway)

Jackman Humanities Building, Room 100 (Main Floor Lecture Hall) 170 St. George Street, Toronto

G. Anthony Bruno is an assistant professor at Royal Holloway University of London whose research focuses on metaphysics and epistemology in early modern, Kantian, and post-Kantian philosophy.

Workshop on the Self with Anil Gomes

Jackman Humanities Building, Room 418 170 St. George Street, Toronto

Anil Gomes is a Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy at Trinity College, Oxford, and a professor of Philosophy in the Faculty of Philosophy in the University of Oxford. He works mainly in the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of Immanuel Kant and has a long-standing interest in the work of Iris Murdoch.

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