James Allen’s Work Included in Philosopher’s Annual

Published: March 6, 2024

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Earlier this year the Philosopher’s Annual in its volume 42 made its selection for the 10 best articles published in philosophy in 2022. We are delighted to announce the inclusion in that illustrious grouping of James Allen‘s “Radicalism and Moderation in the New Academy,” originally published in Phronesis, no. 67. As the annual’s editors say in their introduction, the papers included “as a rule . . . constitute exceptional contributions to the discipline, and natural suggestions for must-reads from that year.” About Allen’s work they say, “In the post-Carneadean New Academy, two forms of Academic scepticism arose. On the one hand, there was ‘moderate scepticism’, which held only that there were no cognitive impressions and, hence, no knowledge of things in the world. On the other hand, there was ‘radical scepticism’, which held both that there were no cognitive impressions and that there should be a universal withholding of assent, meaning that even the formation of opinions was forbidden. In James Allen’s ‘Radicalism and Moderation in the New Academy,’ the commitments of—and the exact sources of disagreement between—these two strands of Academic scepticism are astutely elucidated, as is Cicero’s place in this major Hellenistic debate.

Also included among the selection of 10 was work by our former colleague Karolina Hübner, with an article titled “Representation and Mind-Body Identity in Spinoza’s Philosophy,” originally published in the Journal of the History of Philosophy. Congratulations to all the scholars!