Johanna Thoma wins 2014 Martha Lile Love Essay Award

Published: October 1, 2014

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The recipient of this year’s Martha Lile Love Essay Award is Johanna Thoma, for her essay, “Temptation, Regret, and Risk-Taking”. Johanna joined the department in 2012 with a background in both philosophy and economics. She is currently pursuing a PhD under the supervision of Sergio Tenenbaum, Joseph Heath and Jonathan Weisberg. Her main research interests are in practical rationality, but she also works on moral philosophy, general philosophy of science, and the philosophy of economics. The winning essay challenged the literature on diachronic rationality and specifically undermined Bratman’s arguments for diachronic control by introducing the class of risky temptations in which Bratman’s claims do not apply.

Congratulations Johanna!

The essay award was instituted in 1979, to honour the memory of Martha Lile Love, a graduate student at the University of Toronto who had died that year at the age of 29. Past winners of the essay award include Eric Mathison, Achille Varzi, Jane Friedman and Evan Thompson.