group talks

History of Modern Philosophy Group Talk, (Vili Lähteenmäki, U. of Helsinki)

The History of Philosophy Group is pleased to welcome guest speaker Vili Lähteenmäki, distinguished professor of philosophy at the University of Helsinki and an Academy of Finland Research Fellow. Talk Title: Cartesian Self-Relations About the History of Philosophy Group One of five departmental Research Interest Groups, the History of Philosophy Group is home … Read More

History of Modern Philosophy Group Talk (Robbie Matyasi, U of T)

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Robbie Matyasi is a Graduate Student with us whose primary interests are 17th- and 18th-century philosophy (especially Spinoza and other rationalists) and metaphysics (especially properties, composition, and causation). He is currently writing a dissertation on Spinoza’s metaphysics of ordinary objects and organisms. Talk Title: TBA About the History of Philosophy Group … Read More

Language, Epistemology, Metaphysics, and Mind Group Talk (Sinan Dogramaci, UT Austin)

The Language, Epistemology, Metaphysics and Mind Research Group welcomes Sinan Dogramaci, Associate Professor Department of Philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin. Prof. Dogramaci’s specializes in epistemology with a main interest of mine is the practical function of epistemic evaluations. Talk Title Can Evolution Explain the Reliability of Perception Better than it … Read More

Continental Philosophy Group Talk (Robert Stern, University of Sheffield)

Professor Robert Stern’s main interests in the history of philosophy are 19th-century post-Kantian German philosophy, especially Hegel. In contemporary philosophy, he focuses on epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, and political philosophy. His current work centres around the Danish philosopher and theologian K. E. Løgstrup, as well as around Martin Luther viewed from a philosophical perspective.

Language, Epistemology, Metaphysics, and Mind Group Talk (Julia Staffel, Colorado)

Julia Staffel specializes in formal epistemology and traditional epistemology, and her work also relates to issues in philosophical logic, philosophy of mind and the philosophy of science. In this talk she will argue that there is a large class of rationality judgments we routinely endorse that fall neither into the category of doxastic nor the category of propositional rationality.