Lana Kühle wins 2012 Martha Lile Love Teaching Award

Published: February 12, 2013

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The 2012 winner of the Martha Lile Love Award for Excellence in Teaching Philosophy, chosen from among graduate instructors who taught courses on any of the three University of Toronto campuses between September 2011 and August 2012, is

Lana Kühle
for her PHL 232,  Knowledge and Reality, St. George campus, Summer 2012

The Martha Lile Love Committee was impressed by Lana Kühle’s thoughtful course design and interactive approach to teaching philosophical skills. She made effective use of recent empirical research  regarding retention of new information in designing her course.  Students were asked to make immediate use new material presented in lecture in small group exercises and shorts reactive writing tasks.  Lana was also concerned that her course prepare students to succeed in other philosophy courses.  To this end, she required them to prepare Cornell notes for at least one lecture during the term in order that they might learn how to be more critically engaged notetakers.  Lana assisted her students in preparing for the final examination by holding a review session similar to the TV quiz show Jeopardy.  The success of Lana’s efforts was reflected in her high attendance rates, quite unusual for the summer, and her outstanding teaching evaluations.  Lana also took advantage of the TATP in-class observation service to receive additional feedback on her teaching.  Congratulations, Lana.

The selection committee also commends Scott Howard (PHL 340 H5S, Issues in Philosophy of Mind, UTM, Spring 2012) and Ken Boyd (PHL 245 H1S, Modern Symbolic Logic, SG, Summer 2012) for their exceptional work.

Finally, the Department extends its appreciation to all Graduate Instructors for their excellent work during the past year, as well as Faculty Teaching Mentors for their invaluable advice and classroom observations.