Lu-Vada Dunford Receives Martha Lile Love Teaching Award for 2019-2020

Published: December 18, 2020

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PhD student Lu-Vada Dunford has won the the Martha Lile Love Teaching Award for 2019-2020 for her outstanding course PHL204H5F Philosophy in Everyday Life, taught at the UTM campus in the fall of 2019. The adjudicating committee found that Lu-Vada brilliantly designed a course that would interest students from a wide range of disciplines, engaging them in a lively course of study that spanned philosophical topics from the beginning to the end of life and examined the meaning of life itself. The committee was impressed by the diversity of sources and thinkers that Lu-Vada drew on, as well as by her innovative approach to student engagement in the classroom. The latter included the creation of a philosophical story in which students participated directly, debating and choosing as a group which positions and next steps should be taken.

Steven Coyne and C Dalrymple-Fraser received honorable mentions for their fine work for PHL271H1S Law and Morality and PHL382H1S Death and Dying, respectively. The department congratulates the winners and extends its appreciation to all graduate instructors for their excellent work during the past year. The Philosophy community, and our undergraduate students in particular, is privileged to have you.