Ethics Group Talk (Theron Pummer, St. Andrews)

Theron Pummer is a Senior Lecturer at the University of St. Andrews. His areas of interest include normative ethics, value theory, and social and political philosophy. His recent work includes “Supererogation and conditional obligation,” (Philosophical Studies, 2021) and editing a volume on effective altruism, Effective Altruism: Philosophical Issues (OUP, 2019) … Read More

Ethics and Political Philosophy Group Talk (Meena Krishnamurthy, Queens)

Meena Krishnamurthy is an assistant professor of Philosophy at Queens University whose work focuses on questions of race and caste. Currently, her particular focus lies on the role played by political emotion in Martin Luther King Jr.’s battle to end racial injustice. She is also interested in applying the thinking of Indian political philosophers about caste to the study of race and racism in the United States.