2019 Applying to Grad School Workshop & Panel

Thinking about Grad School? If you are interested in applying to graduate school in philosophy, come to our workshop and receive information about requirements, application procedures and deadlines. Our panel of experts will share their advice and will be available to answer your questions. RSVP to Eric Correria, Undergraduate Administrator by … Read More

Experiencing What’s Not There: A Workshop on Hallucinations, Dreams, Imagination, and Virtual Reality

Friday June 7, 2019 - Saturday June 8, 2019

This workshop on sensory experience brings together some of the best current research on the experience of what’s not there, from both philosophers and scientists. Although different in some ways, hallucinations, dreams, imagination, and virtual reality — all being experiences of what’s not there —overlap and intersect in interesting and important ways. By bringing together a diverse group of top researchers we hope to foster new and unconventional insights into these problem areas.

2018 Formal Epistemology Workshop (FEW)

Tuesday June 12, 2018 - Thursday June 14, 2018

The 2018 Formal Epistemology Workshop will present papers in formal epistemology, broadly construed to include related areas of philosophy as well as cognate disciplines like statistics, psychology, economics, computer science, and mathematics. This year’s FEW will feature two keynote addresses, by Lara Buchak and Mike Titelbaum, as well as 10 submitted papers.