Ethics Bowl Camp: The Road to Glory

Camp Details

Date: Monday, July 12 – Saturday, July 17  from 12:00pm-3:00pm daily (EST)

Deadline to register: Sunday, July 4

Location: Online through Discord

Who: Any student currently in, or about to graduate from, high school. Students from around the world are welcome.

Price: $250 CAD (complete financial support is available, especially for those who wish to attend multiple camps – contact

Register: HERE

Can we register our whole team?: Yes! But you will need to register as individuals first. Once registered, email about your team’s status.

Activities: Every day will include (i) an interactive lecture from an experienced ethics bowl judge and (ii) individual team training with an Ethics Bowl coach. Coaches are highly trained undergraduate students from the University of Toronto, Department of Philosophy.

The competition:  Full Ethics Bowl tournament on Saturday, July 17, from 12:00pm-5:00pm (EST). Teams compete for Ethics Bowl glory. Every match will be judged. Everyone will improve; one team will lift the trophy!

For all questions contact

This camp is great for students who want to:

  • sharpen their skills for the official Ethics Bowl competition
  • become Ethics Bowl coaches, judges, or organizers (great for former Grade 12 students!)
  • get a taste of university lectures
  • learn from some of the best fourth-year Philosophy undergraduates at U of T
  • meet like-minded thinkers
  • challenge themselves while also having a ton of fun
  • develop awareness for the central ethical issues facing our society, and how best to tackle them
  • put their skills from our Critical Reasoning Camp to the test


Attending this camp is guaranteed to put you and your team in a great position for next year’s competition. Grade 12 students: Do you want to become an ethics bowl judge, coach or director? This camp is the first step.” – Jeffrey Senese, President of Ontario High School Ethics Bowl


Instructor: Lu-Vada Dunford (PhD Candidate)

Lu-Vada Dunford gesturing toward the viewer standing in front of a bookcase

Lu-Vada Dunford is one of Ontario’s most experienced judges. She has judged all the ‘big games’, including the championship match at the 2021 Ontario Ethics Bowl finals and the round robin at the Canadian Ethics Bowl finals. Lu-Vada is also an award-winning instructor, mesmerizing students with her fun personality, charisma, and brilliance.  Lu has a remarkable gift for applying ethical theories to real-world problems; her research focus is on terrorism, after all. Ha! We are lucky to have her help Canadian students bring their Ethics Bowl talents to the next level. Students will laugh, smile, and think carefully after experiencing a Lu-Vada Dunford lecture.



After my camp, you will see controversial ethical issues in a new way. You will be able to do ‘mental gymnastics’, looking at cases from all angles . . . thinking your way to victory. Students who want to challenge themselves, but also have serious fun, will get the most out of my camp. Calling all students: LET’S GO!”  Lu-Vada Dunford (PhD Candidate, Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto). 

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